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German Gun Manufacturer to Release New Smart Gun Model

German Gun Manufacturer to Release New Smart Gun

Fingerprint reader authorizes shooter.

I know what you're going to say! Every time this website reports on smart gun technology we hear from all of you about what a stupid idea it is. And this time won't be any different I'm sure. But hey, I just report the news!…
New Smart Gun Unlocks Like an iPhone

New Smart Gun Unlocks Like an iPhone

19-year-old develops the technology, but it has some drawbacks.

One of the things that gun safety advocates have pushed for over the past few years is smart gun technology. This technology would treat a gun in a manner similar to a locked keyboard or door entry code that only unlocks with a code that…
Identilock smart technology to childproof guns

Smart Gun Technology: Fingerprint Recognition Helps Childproof Guns

Identilock Most Childproof Device for Gun Safety?

Smart gun technology is designed to make firearms safer. If there's a way to make guns childproof, it might garner even more interest. Omer Kiyani, the developer of Identilock, found stories of teen suicides and accidental shooting deaths disturbing. He responded by coming up with…

Opponents Point Out Dangers of Proposed Firearm Technolgy

Could new trends present new dangers?

Smart gun technology is highly endorsed by President Barack Obama and some are calling this a good move. As humans, we depend on advanced technology for many things in our lives. As with anything else, scrutiny soon follows. With the wave of enthusiasm over smart…
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Are Smart Guns that Wirelessly Recognize Owners Safe or Controlling?

New Technology May Become Industry Standard

"Smart guns" are weapons that only their owners can fire because it recognizes the fingerprints of the owner using a mechanism, usually located on the grip. They can unlock by wirelessly interacting with a ring or watch that the shooter is wearing. The subject is getting…