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drawing of iowa state on chalkboard, drawn by chalk

Republican Iowa Governor Argues Against Gun Rights Bill

The NRA supports it, why doesn't she?

What's going on when the NRA supports a gun rights bill but a city's Republican governor doesn't? Pleasant Hill, Iowa governor Sara Kurovski argued on February 27 at the Iowa statehouse against a gun rights bill that is making its way through the Iowa house. What's…
gun laws in Missouri

New Missouri Laws Are Now In Effect

As of Jan.1, the controversial gun legislation is in effect.

In Missouri, a controversial gun law passed that took effect on January 1, 2017. Constitutional Carry allows all residents of Missouri who are 21 and older to legally carry guns on their person. The people must be legally allowed to own guns, and if they…
the state of Florida in outline

Challenge Heard to Florida’s Open Carry Ban

The ban is argued to be a Constitutional violation

Florida, one of only five states that does not allow the open carry of weapons in public, is reconsidering that stance. The Florida Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday from a gun-rights group on behalf of a man, Dale Norman, arrested four years ago while walking…
Gun Owners More Law Abiding Than Policegun

New Poll Reveals Public Opinion of Firearms in Society

News and Culture May Have More Influence in 2016

A new poll reveals that the public is conflicted on the subject of firearms. It sheds some light on how public opinion influences firearms manufacturers and legal issues. Poll Results Fall on Either Side According to a press release, a poll taken by the Saint Leo University…
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New Texas Open Carry Law Explained By Firearms Instructor

Texas Firearm Instructor Talks About House Bill 910 And What it Means

The new open carry bill that took effect on Jan. 1 in Texas is being better explained by a firearms instructor. House Bill 910 essentially means anyone with a concealed carry license doesn't have to hide their pistols, but they'll still have to be holstered. Roy Balli,…