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Gun Rights Activists Found Guilty in Michigan

They didn't seem to help their cause any.

Back in February, two gun rights activists armed themselves and then walked into the Dearborn, Michigan, police department. James Baker, 24, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, both from Michigan, were charged with crimes stemming from the incident. In early July, the men were convicted. Both were found guilty…
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Detroit DA Going After Parents of Kids Involved in Gun Accidents

She believes kids being able to access a gun is a crime.

A Detroit district attorney named Kym Worthy is on a campaign to prosecute parents whose kids die in accidental shootings because they accessed a gun in the home or car. She believes accidental shootings like this are a punishable crime. We agree. In Detroit, over the…
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Don’t Underestimate the Risks of Using Your Gun

Only you can make the right choice.

We've heard a few stories lately of people who felt that they were "defending" themselves only to end up facing a murder charge. Here's another example. Why do we tell you about these stories? We don't want Guns Today readers to end up killing someone and…

Concealed Carry Voted In By Michigan Senate Panel

Proposed Bill 'Compromises' Open Carry Law

A Senate panel approved a bill that would allow concealed carry weapons in schools and other areas that currently prohibit the practice in Michigan. In Lansing, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in 4-1 on Senate Bills 442 and 561. Both bills are packages, which "compromise legislation…