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Oklahoma Man Uses AR-15 to Kill 3 Home Intruders

Oklahoma is a stand your ground state.

Oklahoma has stand your ground laws, which means that a person has some justification for using deadly force if they feel they need to protect themselves, their property or their loved ones while in their home. If you are in your home and are met…
Mother Shoots Home Intruder to Protect Family Underscores Importance of Right to Bear Arms

Mother Shooting Home Intruder to Protect Family Underscores Importance of Right to Bear Arms

Another incident shows skeptics why the right to keep and bear arms must remain intact

A mother who recently shot a home intruder after discovering he was hiding in one of her children's bedrooms underscores the importance of the right to keep and bear arms. A 33-year-old mom fired her handgun at the 59-year-old stranger who broke into her southeast Portland,…
Armed North Carolina Teenager Scares Off 3 Home Invaders

Armed Teenage Girl Scares Off 3 Home Intruders In North Carolina

Armed 13-year-old frightens home invaders

An armed teenager scared off three home intruders recently in Snow Camp, North Carolina. A 13-year-old and her younger sister, 12, were by themselves when the incident happened in late July. The men approached the house and knocked on the door, but the older girl didn't…

Fox News: “How To Avoid A Home Invasion” — How About We Prepare Instead?

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Three armed burglaries in one weekend has placed residents in Colorado Springs on edge.  FOX 21 did an exclusive where reporter Macy Egeland spoke to Lt. Catherine Buckley at the Colorado Springs Police Department on tips to avoiding a home invasion…