Protect Yourself From Car Break-Ins

How to not lose your gun.

Protect Yourself From Car Break-Ins

We heard about a case in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where a rash of car break-ins have been happening over the past two weeks. Two vehicles were broken into and in one, a Sig Sauer MPX, SIG Sauer P320C and backpack full of 9mm ammunition were stolen out of the owner’s vehicle.

Now folks, that’s a lot of monetary value to lose, but you really don’t want to have a criminal break into your car and steal your gun. There’s not a great way to secure a gun in the car. You can put it in the glove box while you’re driving. But what happens if you get out of the car and forget it’s there? Or you’re disarming for whatever reason and you leave it in the car. A smash-and-grab criminal can easily take it out of a glove box or from under the seat.

You can put it in a lock box but a criminal can easily take the box. Here’s our best tip for not getting a gun stolen out of a car: don’t leave a gun in the car. If you must leave it in your car, at least conceal it in a lock box in the trunk. Most smash-and-grab criminals are riffling through the glove box and the center console and will not take the time and the risk to pop open the trunk. However, if you leave your car someplace where it is unattended for a long time, it is conceivable that someone would think about doing that.

You can also attach it to something with a security cable, but still, this is a temporary solution only for when you are coming back to your gun and car quickly.