Idaho and Indiana (May) Change Their Gun Laws

Barriers to Indiana's constitutional carry.

A 45 caliber handgun and ammunition resting on a folded flag against the United States constitution.

Idahoans don’t need to have a permit to carry concealed in most public spaces. This law has been in effect since July. A bill introduced in Indiana is trying to do the same thing.

Indiana State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican, wants Indiana to be one of 11 other states that already allow what’s called “constitutional carry.” This means that a requirement of a permit for concealed carry would no longer be required. Many people believe the concealed carry permitting process is unconstitutional because the constitution guarantees our right to carry no matter what.

Last year, the Indiana legislature didn’t seem interested in the bill, but Lucas is hoping that with more Republicans in office as the new session takes place, that the bill will see more momentum.

In Indiana, there are questions about the lack of permit that make people nervous. For instance, with a permit required, the police can ask anyone to produce their permit. This is a way to separate “good guys” from criminals who carry illegally. If no permit is required, they can’t ask that question.

Also, some people say that the permit means that the person does not have a felony conviction, does not have a history of violence, does not have a history of mental illness. All of these things could possibly prevent a person from obtaining a permit. To the police, that permit is some sort of proof that the person they’re dealing with does not have these issues. We know that’s not necessarily true, but that’s the argument against it.

In Indiana, police say they denied permits to 2,044 people over the first 9 months of last year because they had some sort of issue. We support constitutional carry. But here’s the thing. We still believe that people should get training even if a permit is not required. No excvuse for having a gun and not really knowing how to use it just because you can.