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Instructor with man aiming machine gun at firing range

Vetting Your Firearms Instructor

Don't end up with a "Hollywood" showboat instructor.

We have been seeing a surge with a lot of so called “Firearms Instructors” on video going viral on social media. There are numerous videos going around of these “instructors” firing rounds into the ceilings of indoor ranges, teaching “Hollywood” tactics and just generally unsafe…
don't cross police line tape

We Love Our Guns, But We Should Still Address Public Safety

Is any gun control bad?

As gun owners we tend to automatically eschew any measures at gun control. Have we lost our objectivity? My circle of friends is saturated with liberals. Some of them own firearms, but most do not. Even though I'm a gun owner, I have to admit…

Why More Universities Are Arming Security Officers with Rifles

More than 100 add semi-automatic rifles for campus security.

Security officers on college campuses no longer simply walk around to keep an eye out for suspicious activities.  Times are quite different now. In response to violent incidents over the past few years, many universities have ramped up their security to include rifles. An increasing number…