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A 45 caliber handgun and ammunition resting on a folded flag against the United States constitution.

America’s “Complex” Relationship With Guns

New statistics from a survey

hHere are some stats for you to chew on. These new statistics come from a survey administered by the Pew Research Center and announced in late June. The survey spoke to 3,930 US adults including 1,269 gun owners, between March 13 and March 27 and April…
Which State Is most Dependent On Guns?

Support For Assault Rifle Ban Low

Knowledge and education makes people less fearful of guns.

Last month, Gallup, a popular research firm, revealed the latest findings concerning the ban on semi-automatic weapons known as assault rifles. Support for the ban of assault rifles is significantly lower than it’s been in quite some time. This may not be much of a surprise…
Pollsters prefer concealed carry

Pollsters Overwhelmingly Prefer Concealed Carry

An MSNBC poll reveals that majority believe guns should be allowed in public

The news site MSNBC is hosting a poll on its website that is asking, "Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?" The answer choices are, 'Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it,' 'No, it's too dangerous,' and 'Only for self-defense.' As of mid-day…
Gun Owners More Law Abiding Than Policegun

New Poll Reveals Public Opinion of Firearms in Society

News and Culture May Have More Influence in 2016

A new poll reveals that the public is conflicted on the subject of firearms. It sheds some light on how public opinion influences firearms manufacturers and legal issues. Poll Results Fall on Either Side According to a press release, a poll taken by the Saint Leo University…