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Sig Sauer P229 Legion Compact Handgun

Sig Sauer Is Under Fire By New Jersey For Defective Trooper Pistols

The state claims the gun maker sold defective guns.

Sig Sauer is under fire by the state of New Jersey, which claims it sold its state troopers 3,000 defective P229s. In 2014, gun maker Sig Sauer, which has headquarters in nearby New Hampshire, sold New Jersey 3,000 handguns. The state returned the handguns in…
Ruger AR-556 State Compliant

Ruger Introduces State Compliant AR-556

Legal for sale in several states.

On March 17, 2017, Ruger announced the Ruger AR-556. This version of their semiautomatic rifle weapon meets standards making it legal for sale in Colorado and Maryland, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. The new gun lacks some of the features of the AR-15 which make…

Chris Christie Called Out For Protecting New Jersey’s “Semiautomatic Assault Weapon Ban”

His stance on the 2nd Amendment is less than solid

Draconian gun laws of New Jersey are discussed on countless occasions.  It’s so bad, it’s an ongoing joke when gunowners talk about gun rights. “Hey, at least it’s not New Jersey,” is usually the punchline. Well, a Republican candidate from the grand state of New Jersey has stepped…