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Should You Buy Tactical Shooting Gloves?

Should You Buy Tactical Shooting Gloves?

We tried some Mechanix gloves out.

Mechanix Wear recently sent us shooting gloves to test out. We got to choose between the Fast Fit Wolf Grey ($16) and the Original Speciality .5 Covert ($28). Mechanix kindly sent us medium and large to choose from. I chose large, and they fit well. They're both…
Which States Have the Most Gun Dealers?

Top Guns in America in 2016

What guns are Americans buying?

Gun sales are increasing, but what are people buying? If you’re in the market for a gun, you may be curious as to which ones are selling the most right now. The following are some of the most popular guns on the market today, so…

Gifts for Gun Lovers: Magazines and Scopes from Brownells

Who wouldn't want these gifts?

Brownells has added a few new items to its catalog, and two of them would make great gifts for gun lovers Magpul PMAG Magazines for Glock Image of PMAG courtesy of Brownells.com These polymer magazines fit popular Glocks and offer extra capacity compared to standard magazines. Extended pistol magazines…
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What You Need to Know About Wood Gun Grips

How do you choose between a polymer grip and a wood grip?

Are you a person who prefers polymer grips over wood grips? What if you're not sure which one you like the best? How do you choose between a polymer grip and a wood grip? There are many things to consider when deciding on the type…
Best Guns for Turkey Hunting

Best Guns for Turkey Hunting

Hunt down your family’s Thanksgiving dinner

Turkey hunting season is right around the corner! Men and women alike are chomping at the bit to get out of the door with their hunting gear and abandon all to the outdoors. Now is time to explore some of the best guns for turkey…
Tips for First Time Gun Buyers

Tips For First Time Gun Buyers

Gun buying tips for first time gun purchasers

So you're thinking of buying a gun? This article runs down some tips for first-time gun buyers that will help you plan for and think through your purchase. Once you decide on the type of gun you want, there are still other considerations that people…