Why Donald Trump is Wrong on Concealed Carry

Trump's 'national permit' idea is a bad one.

Why Donald Trump is Wrong About Concealed Carry

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he supports concealed carry rights. He has stated that he thinks there should be a national concealed carry permit that would be legally accepted in all 50 states.

At first glance, this seems like a good idea. But here’s why we think it’s not.

If Donald Trump implements a national concealed carry permit, that takes away state’s rights and puts the power of concealed carry in the hands of the federal government. What happens after Trump’s presidential term is up?

If the federal government is then in control of issuing permits to conceal carry, and a more liberal governing body comes into power after him, it is conceivable that the government could then take away that right. In one fell swoop a less gun-tolerant president could wipe out the national concealed carry permit completely. Your rights could swiftly be taken away simply because a president concentrated power in the government’s hands.

If Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is elected (yes, either one), your concealed carry rights governed by your state could be in peril. We encourage you to exercise your right to gun ownership and concealed carry.

A heads up, our friends at VirginiaConcealed.com issue certification for a non-resident permit that is valid for concealed carry in 29 states. This permit is available to all U.S. citizens. They currently have a coupon code MYRIGHT for 20% off. The code is good now through tomorrow, November 9, 2016, at midnight, Pacific time.