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College students on campus. Study session in the grass.

Arkansas is the Latest State to Propose New Campus Carry Bill

Active shooter training requirements are a snag, though.

Arkansas has proposed a campus carry legislation, but whether it will overcome some complications remains to be seen. House Bill 1249, sponsored by Republican Charlie Collins from Fayetteville, would prevent any attempt by Arkansas' public universities and colleges to ban faculty and staff members with…
Campus Carry Supporters Rally in Wake of Ohio Knife Attack

Campus Carry Supporters Rally in Wake of Ohio Knife Attack

Ohio State University students protest.

The Ohio State University campus was recently the site of a knife attack. The student responsible for the attack on November 28, which injured 11 people, is believed to have been inspired by the Islamic group ISIS. The man drove through a crowd, striking people…
University of Texas Campus Carry Ban

Request to Ban Texas Campus Carry Law Denied

3 college professors fail to get Texas Campus Carry Law banned

In the latest in the University of Texas campus carry ban, a federal judge denied three University of Texas professors’ request to deny students their right to carry firearms into classrooms. The Austin-based UT professors failed in their attempt to have the ban put in place before…

Why More Universities Are Arming Security Officers with Rifles

More than 100 add semi-automatic rifles for campus security.

Security officers on college campuses no longer simply walk around to keep an eye out for suspicious activities.  Times are quite different now. In response to violent incidents over the past few years, many universities have ramped up their security to include rifles. An increasing number…
semi auto rifle

Security Officers in Colorado School Will Carry Semi-Automatic Rifles

Security staff director sets a national precedent

The Douglas School District in Colorado is arming security officers with high-powered rifles to protect school children, according to a recent article from the Denver Post. These rifles are assumed to be semi-automatic with a 16-inch barrel that can fire 30 rounds. The article reports that the…

Professor Torn About Writing Recommendation For Pro-Gun Student

Not everyone has a great experience with firearms. For one professor who grew up in a household with a manic depressive father, she recalled for the Chronicle of Higher Education that she was torn as to whether or not to write a recommendation for a…