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Which State Is most Dependent On Guns?

Support For Assault Rifle Ban Low

Knowledge and education makes people less fearful of guns.

Last month, Gallup, a popular research firm, revealed the latest findings concerning the ban on semi-automatic weapons known as assault rifles. Support for the ban of assault rifles is significantly lower than it’s been in quite some time. This may not be much of a surprise…
Sandy Hook Families' Lawsuit Against Gun Maker Dismissed

Newtown Families’ Lawsuit Against AR-15-Style Gun Maker Dismissed

A Connecticut judge has dismissed a lawsuit that was filed against the manufacturer and seller of the weapon used in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. In April 2016, a judge allowed the case to proceed against Remington Arms, maker of the…
Rifles' Responsibility in Murders Exaggerated

Rifles’ Responsibility in Murders Exaggerated

Banning assault rifles will not reduce murder rate.

Rifles are targeted when discussing gun control because they are often viewed as the driving force behind murders. That is untrue. Most debates concerning gun control focus on banning assault weapons, which rifles are considered. The problem is that even if assault weapons are banned, that will…
Massachusetts Sued Over Gun Laws

Massachusetts Gun Dealers Feeling Assault Weapon Crackdown

"Massachusetts compliant" copycat gun ban on AR-15

While people's attention was diverted by the Republican National Convention in Ohio, Massachusetts quietly implemented a new gun restriction that bans "copycat assault weapons." The office of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sent out a notice on July 20 that the sale of assault weapons is…

Chris Christie Called Out For Protecting New Jersey’s “Semiautomatic Assault Weapon Ban”

His stance on the 2nd Amendment is less than solid

Draconian gun laws of New Jersey are discussed on countless occasions.  It’s so bad, it’s an ongoing joke when gunowners talk about gun rights. “Hey, at least it’s not New Jersey,” is usually the punchline. Well, a Republican candidate from the grand state of New Jersey has stepped…

Wisconsin Rep Wants To Ban Semi-Automatic “Assault Weapons”

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- According to a press release sent from the office of Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison), representatives are gathering behind a proposed bill which would effectively ban the transportation, purchase, possession, or transfer of semi-automatic assault weapons. "Today, Representative Subeck (D-Madison), along with Representatives Terese…