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Brownells Offers New Exclusive Architek AR-15 Sight

Brownells Offers New Exclusive AR-15 Front Sight

Battle Arms Development's sight clamps onto a standard AR-15 barrel.

Brownells is offering a new AR-15 front sight, the Battle Arms Development ARCHITEK, #100-019-664.  Available exclusively from Brownells, the new sight is designed to clamp onto a standard AR-15 barrel that is between .735 inches and .750 inches in diameter. The ARCHITEK sight clamps on to the barrel and extends…
Maine Restaurant Owner Won't Serve Gun Supporters

Maine Restaurant Owner Won’t Serve Gun Supporters

Own an AR-15? Your money's not welcome at this Maine restaurant.

You don't even have to be carrying a gun, you just have to support an individual's right to own a gun, and that's enough for one Portland, Maine, restaurant owner to deny you service. The Facebook post made by the owner of two restaurants, Anne…